Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Sunset Story

I had a long wish to capture the beauty of the sunset over some ocean. The opportunity came suddenly when I had to travel to Kualalampur for 3 weeks due to my office work. As soon as the opportunity came I was looking for a week end trip to Langkawi Island which is a one night journey from Kualalampur city.
As per the plan, one Fri day night I found myself boarding in a Volvo bus which will take me to Kuala Perlis and from there I have to take a ferry to reach Langkawi Island.
I didn’t have much time except one full day and one morning in Langkawi, so I had only one evening to capture the beauty of the sunset over Andaman Sea. But from morning the sky was overcastted and I was not happy to see the clouds in the sky. The horizon was fully covered with the cloud and I didn’t see the face of the sun.
Till afternoon I couldn’t see the sun and by then I was very upset. I didn’t have anything except to depend on my luck. But I didn’t leave the hope, so I started exploring the best place in the beach from where I can capture the sunset if really it is going to be happened.
Now the “Wait game” started. I can remember, I was reading my watch frequently and was observing the cloud formation in the horizon. My heart was running high to anticipate whether I could see the sunset or not.
At last, when I lost all my hope, suddenly I noticed the sky was little clear than earlier. And within minute I found the golden light of the setting sun on the sea and beach. But the sun was still under cloud cover. I was ready with my equipments, so without wasting a second my whole camera set up started working. And, within minutes the nature started playing with colors in the canvas of the sky. The sun remained hidden behind the cloud but I was thankful to the nature to allow me to witness the riot of the color in the horizon over the Andaman Sea. I still remember the 10 minutes of the evening was most beautiful time I ever had. I continued shooting the landscape till the last light of the day and even in the darkness. It was such an amazing experience that I will cherish my whole life.

The series of the images I made there....

The first show of the light

The play of color has been started

Nature was playing with the color in the canvas of the sky

The night was approaching over the island

The island at night


Santosh bs said...

Oh fantastic! each one is better than the other, you are truly lucky :)

shirin goel said...


Gurgaonflowerplaza said...

Amazing the visit was worth…

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