Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Simple Technology

A simple things some time become very useful in photography. Recently I visited to Bannerghatta Butterfly Park. The park opens at 10 am in the morning and I was late. Finally I reached there at around 1 PM. The scorching sun was not definitely ideal for any photography. I was carrying a 5 cell torch for a new experiment. The butterfly park has a good number of species - Crimson Rose, Common Crow, Blue Tiger and Lime was plentiful. I was looking for the "Red Peirott" as summer is the mating time of this species. Inside the dome of the butterfly park I found one Blue Tiger hanging from a leaf. I set my tripod and showed my friend, Subha how to use the "torch". I changed the exposer bias to -2. My friend set the torch on the butterfly. I was happy to see the output. If I dont say, no one can understand it has been taken under mid day sun. The golden light of the external torch has given a morning sunlight effect on the butterfly. I was successful in my experiment.

While exploring inside the dome of the butterfly park we found one stripped tiger sitting in an interesting composition. I didnt waste my time. My friend was now experienced to use the torch on the butterfly. He did his job splendidly. This time I negotiated with exposure bias to -1.3.After getting the satisfactory result, I was roaming about here and there, suddenly some movement caught my eye. It was difficult to notice but the small movement of this insect helped me to point it out. It was a grasshoper. A green insect on a green leaf. I started clicking images. Subha was not getting what I was shooting though we were only 1 ft away from the insect. Now again I wanted to do the same experiment here. I showed Shuva where the insect was and requested him to put on the torch light. But the intelligent insect jumped away as soon the torch light fell on it.

After spending some more time we came outside of the dome and decided to come back. On our way back my heart jumped in joy and I found the little beauty for what my eye was tired. There was a couple of Red Peirott. They were deep in love. I didn't waste my time, unpacked my camera and lens. The torch was again handed over to my friend. The couple was so busy that they completly ignored our presence and helped us to take a good number of image.
The exposure bias was -0.7 in this shot. After coming back home immediately I transfered the images in my laptop and I was very happy. There was no evidence of shadow on the images inspite of shooting under harsh sunlight.
The 5 cell torch has become a permanant equipment in my backpack since the small trip to Bannerghatta Butterfly Park.


junaith said...

nice picsn narration neloy..

Sumit said...

Hey Neloy,
These are really very very nice.



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